Opening Night thoughts for Sunset Boulevard!

It finally happened! Opening night for Sunset Boulevard was yesterday and the audience response was great! We had just a few wardrobe malfunctions- mainly Norma’s halter dress coming undone….- and some gun issues, but other than that, everything was smooth sailing.

I tried to take some costume pics backstage, but I get so in the zone during a performance, it’s hard for me to multi-task. Managed to snag a few though:

Betty’s business attire for Schwab’s Drugstore
Party Dress for New Year’s Eve (or as it’s come to be known at Cohoes, “Ahtie’s Pahty”)
I’m filled with gratitude over this phenomenal experience. Not a day went by during this whole process when I wasn’t struck by how lucky I am to be here. I’ve met some truly amazing, inspiring people and we’ve come together to make a beautiful piece of theater that I’m just so proud to be a part of. So much love and thanks to Jim, Joshua, Thomas, Jim H, Tony, Michael, this beautiful cast, AND my roommate, Catherine Fries Vaughn, our very own Norma Desmond, who’s talent, poise, voice, and genuineness I am in constant awe of.
Photo by  Theresa Thibodeau
One last thing to share before heading out. Snagged this on my way to the theater the other day:
 Made me think of my showcase song from months ago:
“See that cloud, I just might, jump right up, take a bite.”- Carnival!, Bob Merril

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