All days end should end with TEA

Well today was FILLED. But not with that very ambitious plan I laid out yesterday.

Morning Pages happened which was good and very needed, but challenging this morning. I think the fact that they were challenging meant they were even more needed.

Afterwards, I skipped down to BK to look at some Lefferts Gardens and Flatbush Gardens places. I’ll have updates on that front hopefully soon….

Needless to say, I finished up around 4p and with no where to really drop my stuff, run in Prospect Park didn’t happen. Instead I went up to DavidsTea (aka the tea shop I work at on the Upper East Side) because One, I wanted to time my commute from BK, Two, I needed to stock up on tea, and Three, most importantly, I wanted to have a nice visit with all those beautiful people who work there.

I determined that it was a 30min train ride, so giving myself 10 min to catch the train, and ten to walk from train stop and clock in, it’s a 50min commute. And THAT is pretty acceptable in my book. (Determined that to Union Square, it’s a 25min ride, so tacking on that 20 ((which I think it overestimating a bit)), it’s 45min to YttP St. Marks. I’ll buy that.)

DavidsTea was beautiful, as always. We got a new tea in called Birthday Cake, which Laura immediately brewed a perfect cup of for me.


It was. Delicious. It smells like cake frosting, tastes velvety and lightly sweet, with sort of a mocha vibe. The base is a Roobois, which is a South African red tea, naturally non-caffeinated, good for your skin, and abnormally hydrating. The blend includes honeybush, sprinkles (yes, sprinkles), and ice cream bits (yes, “bits”).

Looks like this! vv


Picked up some more Pu’erh Ginger tea for myself. I love drinking it before, during, and after a show because it works so well to lubricate and soothe my throat so I don’t get vocally tired. I brew it in my steeper for a minute, add a splash of pineapple juice, steep it 3-4 more minutes, add a drop of honey, pour in my little travel thermos, and enjoyyyy foreverrrrr.


Tonight was ginger tea mug time though, with a little Mad Men and sushi thrown in. Leaving tommorrow with Josh, Ruthie, and Melissa to return to Cohoes for our final weekend. It’s the home stretch! I’m not ready for it to end yet!:(  Must soak it all up.



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