Packing and Unpacking

After a lie-in, a morning of cleaning and packing up, a spout of yoga, a show, a lot of goodbyes, and a three hour drive, with a starbucks stop inbetween, I am home in NYC. We had an incredible run at Cohoes, and it’s sad to leave the show right when we’re getting into the swing of things. But all shows must end and people must part. Until we meet again.


Snapped on the drive back with Josh and Melissa



“What’s Going On, Joe?” (Thanks, Tom!)  Image

Photo by  Jay Freud



“Who’s Normaaaa?”- Photo by Jay Freud



Alyssa with her foxy compatriots, Fluffy and One-Eyed Eric  



Let’s Have Lunch. 



In other news, I’ve fallen off the Artist’s Way bandwagon for the past couple days, but after hearing some inspiring words, I think it’s time to jump back on..


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