Yoga to the Tuesday

So in honor of being officially back in the city, I jumped right into my yoga pool, taking and teaching. My first scheduled class actually ended up being a tandem with a teacher trainer, which means someone in the tt program (the thing I did last fall), taught the class, and I was there to observe and jump in to take over the class if needed, and then give notes after class. I actually did pull my tt out, which I was going a little back and forth about while I was watching, but there was that moment when I realized, yes, it’s time to jump in. We had a very good chat afterwards though, and I was inspired by how much my tt cared and wanted this, and it felt good to talk it out with her, get on the same page. Graduation for them is in two weeks!


Had to snap this^ on my way to the St. Marks studio. I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple days at 38th st and the BK studio, but St. Marks will always feel like home.

Today I had couple hours between classes to chill, so spent it in Madison Square Park.


It was a beyond gorgeous day out. I feel lucky to have come home to such a green and pretty New York.

I was worried after coming back that my classes would feel foreign, BUT they were actually feeling quite fresh and organic. Kind like coming back to the show after spending a few days off, new things opened up, an easiness in manner started to establish itself, and confidence was starting to build. I still said certain things kind of weird, and called hands feet once, but bodies were moved and people found their yoga. I do find myself in awe of my students every class- watching people find their chair poses, find their edge, and make the choice to breath into it, and stay in it longer than they thought they could. Or traveling through their one breath, one movement, when I see faces soften and peace start to creep in and settle.Or when I finally get everyone in the room to let out a great, big h-a sigh of relief. I feel continually blessed that I get to call myself a yoga instructor. YttP!



What could the facade of THIS building be? Could it be….my new apartment??

Why, YES, it IS in fact. That’s right, second floor of this baby is the new home of myself and my two new roommates, Josh and Mike.

Pictures of the inside to come…


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