The Sacredness of Space

Another weekend has past, and since last Saturday was my mom’s birthday, how could I not spend it in Baltimore??

Went home Friday night, spent all day with Mom, shopping and nails- the essential birthday activities, had a lovely dinner with the whole family, and topped off the night with two pieces of cake and a couple episodes of House Hunters. Left the next day, and after 4 hours of riding through rain, made it to my East Side Home. A short, but sweet trip.

There’s that skyline, albeit a fuzzy one..

After unpacking a bit, I made it to YttP for our famous Sunday night candlelit class and stayed to help close. I’ve closed the studio quite a few times, with duties that include swiffering and steaming floors, cleaning bathrooms, spray/lay out mats, etc etc, and I have to say, it’s taught me so much about the sacredness of space. How to treat a space with respect and in a sense, thank the space for the home and safety it provides. And you clean the space, not just for yourself because you live and work in it, or for the others who use the space, but because good things happen there, and how we treat our space should honor that.

Same goes for the places we call home, my Baltimore, my NYC, a rehearsal space, the theatre, my tea shop. Places we live, breathe, and work, and where good things happen, and which should be maintained with respect and care.

Now off to take the hot, teach the vinyasa, then finally return to the tea shop!


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