Why is the subject of most of my posts about packing?? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just going to spend my existence as a wandering nomad. Though I haven’t given up my dream of one day retiring to Yorkshire, England and spending the rest of my days with a beagle and a bike..

Anyway, after a morning of teaching and taking the yoga, I’m spending the afternoon working through all my stuff, packing, tossing, cleaning, preparing to officially move. this. Sunday. I’m soooo so glad I started this process two days ago. I would be so overwhelmed if I actually started today.

I honestly don’t think it’s hit me yet that I’m moving out of this room. I’ve spent two solid years here and I loved every minute. I have gotten a bit teary eyed looking around this bare room, and seeing my things, so carefully placed around my space for these two years, now unceremoniously stuffed in boxes. And I’m leaving my two beautiful roommates behind. I still can’t even process that.

Well, I’m putting on my blinders and off to continue making a [hopefully] noticeably larger dent in this packing deal. Wish me luck.


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