Weather was absolutely gorgeous in our little town of Cohoes yesterday. Had a lovely run on the bike path, a spot of yoga then settled in for music brush up rehearsal for Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat (rare moment when FULL cast was called). After music, I took a little walk around town, sat with the Cohoes waterfall for a bit, which IIIII find quite thrilling- and grabbed a few artsy pics!:

A beat up looking door..

Beautiful, luxury loft apartments. Building used to be a factory I believe. I contemplated going in and posing as a buyer so I could take a tour. I don’t know if my flipflops would have cut it.

Our home away from home- Cohoes Music Hall

We spent the rest of the evening finishing up choreography for the Havana scene, which is a HUGE huge dance number that ends with a bar fight, as all big dance numbers must. I was so happy that I got to do some dancing. Christopher Patterson is our choreographer and his combos are amaaaaazing. They are thrilling to watch so I was pumped to get to dance a bit of it. We finished the number around 10pm, and I guess we were all a little wound up cause my roommates and I stayed up late chatting till around 12:30, when we passed out.

Tonight I believe we’re going back to Havana, and I get to work a bit with our Arvide today as well!

Minus 12 days till opening!


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