After Bedtime

You know those nights when you come home dead tired and hungry, so you stay up just to eat and, you know, watch 30 Rock and read Vulture, and then like, you’re done eating dinner, but you’re ready for just one more 30 Rock cause your on that Tina Fey high, and then your like, whoa it is TIME for sleep, but then somehow you’ve pushed past tired into, MAN, I don’t want to sleep, I just want it to be morning so I can have coffee and read Vulture updates. It’s actually a periodic cycle that a piece of me watches with horror while my other peices rejoice in the comedic revelry that instant Netflix gives me. Curse you, 30 Rock, butreallyiloveyouwithallmyheart.

This week has definitely been on the chiller side audition wise (minus the North shore EPA I tried to crash to no avail), which is good because I injured my knee while running last week and its still being extremely pesky even after I bought it new sneakers. The gull of that joint! The good thing about the cold front that seized our city is that now whenever I’m outside, my knee just sort of grows numb with the cold and I feel nothing but the freezing slap of death against my  exposed cheeks. Yay!

Anyway, these ramblings need to stop if I want my dream of coffee and Vulture to happen in the morn. But I’ll leave by leaving some of my winter missions on here so that WordPress holds me accountable for them:

– more videos of me singing will be released into the ether..
-more play going and movie going will occur…. … .
– and coffee with friends will be planned….. …



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