2014. Here we gooooo!

Good morning! Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Merry Christmas, and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Okay, now that I’m all caught up, shall we get into what the heck is happening these days?

I believe I fell off the face of the earth for a little bit, things got cray-bizzay, many, many life changes happened, and somehow I’ve ended up in Montgomery, Alabama, working at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival for 9 months (nine) (as in, 9 months) (here for a whole 9 months) (and at this moment, I have 4 months left) (halfway done) (crazy). At the end of this…I’m getting my Equity Card (big deal) (was my goal for 2014) (it’s happening) and my job here is….acting. I mean, I’m hired for 9 months (nine months.) to ACT professionally. And live in a beautiful apartment that sits on a beautiful park. And escape the freezing, polar vortex-y New York. I walk to the theatre every day, past a gorgeous lake, trees and geese, and it I’m so inclined, pass through the Shakespeare Garden (mystical place filled with flowers, herbs, benches with ivy, majestic stage with grass seating) (basically, everything you would think something called the Shakespeare Garden would be).


Before I get caught up in spewing how effing lucky I am to be here, because then I’d be here all day, and I think you get the jist :D, I’ma just gonna post out the timeline of my 9 months (..nine months) here. One more thing, I’m hired as part of ASF’s non-Equity Intern Acting Company, meaning I’m one of 8 acting interns (3 girls, 5 guys) who handle ASF’s touring show, Romero and Juliet (I’m Jules), teach some acting classes, put on their Theatre for Young Audiences show (Goodnight Moon. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so), act in most of the Rep season, understudy all the Equity Actors. And here’s how it’s goin down:


September: Arrived. Started rehearsals for R&J.

October: Went out on tour around Alabama area school. Also started teaching ASF Acting Academy classes. I taught the littlest kiddies, 8-11 yr olds. They were. The cutest. Tour takes a break until Feb.

November: Started rehearsals for A Christmas Carol. Played Fanny and Carol (so much singing happend) and u/s many things: Christmas Past, Belle, Catherine, Charlotte. Also started doing weekly cabarets after the Saturday performances. 

December: Ran Carol through Dec. 24. Cabarets break until Rep starts up again in Feb. Spent Christmas with my beautiful ASF family. Oh, had a birthday. 24 years old. Also, started Goodnight Moon rehearsals: I play, Dish and the Spoon, Star Person, Baby Bear and am Puppet Captain.


January: Gnight Moon performances start. Kids. Love. It. (Two show days, every day.) Got a back injury falling on Roller Skates. Long Story. Am better now. Boom. Also, Great Gatsby rehearsals start (first show in Rep). Acting Interns not in it, but we understudy it (I’m u/s Daisy, Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Michaelis)

on the horizon….

February: Gatsby runs. 27 opens (we not doin dat one). R&J goes back on tour. Taming of the Shrew starts rehearsals.

March-May: Rep season and Southern Writers Project (readings of new work) starts. May is when all the shows come back and do rotating rep.


Aaaallllllright, I’ll stop with the updates now….and post some PICS!!!!!! Teeheee!





^my Juliet Costume


^Me in my Goodnight Moon Star Person costume practicing headstand btw shows…



^Acting Intern Co. ❤


^one of my Christmas Carol costumes


^One of Goodnight Moon’s many quick changes ready and waiting for us.


^oh hey, there’s my spine. The roller skating Incident was almost worth it..for this.


^The Capulet ladies.


Aaaaaaand, I’ll leave it at that for now. Until next time. I’m off to the ymca to sling some kettlebells, perhaps a spot of yoga, and practice my u/s track. Oh, did I mention today we got a Snow Day?? In Alabama?? Polar Vortex strikes again.




One thought on “2014. Here we gooooo!

  1. I was so happy to see this message/story from you!! I’m so proud of you and brag about you to the point that I sound more like your mom then aunt. You deserve all the good that has been coming your way. I hope your back is fully back to pre-injury shape. Please keep these messages coming. I love you and miss you lots!! hugs and kisses xo

    Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 16:30:21 +0000 To: walkingmama@hotmail.com

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