Snow Day Dos


Yes, that was my walk this morning to the theatre. Word was we still had an audience for the 9:30am, so we all trudged through the snow (I only slipped ONCE), pulled on our spandex/respective bunny suits, painted our faces, got in places for top of show…..with no audience. That’s right, no one…showed up. Because aaaalllll the roads were closed because of snow. But the schools neglected to contact the theatre to let them know that they would not make it. SO, show cancelled. But we were all in good humor as we quickly de-spandexed and de-facepainted. Second Snow day in a row. Never would have thought in Alabama.

I was able to make good use of the time. I and a couple other interns stayed at the theatre to watch The Great Gatsby run, taking last minute blocking notes (our officially understudy put-in rehearsal is this Tuesday! ahh!!!!). Then all the interns got together in a studio and we all ran through Gatsby together, offbook, blocking and all. It went surprisingly well. And now I know exactly what I am iffy on…

Yesterday’s snow day also kicked us into understudy gear. We all met up at Lea and Rivka’s apartment to do a line through and watch the snow fall outside.


It was a lot of fun. Though, anytime all 8 of us are together, it’s impossible not to have fun.

Tomorrow is Goodnight Moon, as scheduled. 9:30 and 11:30 perf. Then gyming with my roommate, Brennan, and Gatsby rehearsal. Snow, you were fun while ya lasted!


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