Hearts, Wine, and Petticoats.


Well, it is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in Montgomery, Alabama. The sun is shining and we’re all in tank tops and shorts. It’s hard to remember that it’s still winter, and most of my loved ones are still freezing their butts off in NY and Baltimore. Wish I could blow this warm wind your way!!!

Valentine’s Day came and went here a the festival. The interns celebrated our own way (together of course). We all piled into Lea and Rivka’s apartment, shared a bottle of pink wine, had some souffle (baked by the beautiful Lea- it was…unreal how good it was). Lea also gave us all temporary tattoos, so of course I immediately rocked mine and spent some dedicated time gazing fondly upon the smexy Benedict Cumberbatch spread in GQ.



Later that night, we all went to the 27 opening, a new play that ASF workshopped last year, and brought back for a full production on the Octagon. It was fantastic. An amazing script and beautifully acted and directed. We were all on a bit of a theatre high afterward (real thing).

Sunday was Rivka’s birthday, so I made her a batch of raw vegan brownies to celebrate..



Love the simple short list of ingredients: walnuts, dates, raw cacao, and a dash of vanilla. Came out suuuuper rich. Be prepared for a chocolate explosion in your mouth.

Original recipe HERE! Thanks, Comfy Belly!

Taming of the Shrew rehearsals are going well. Can’t wait to share pics of our costumes and set. In the meantime, we have shenanigans with rehearsal petticoats. Did I mention our setting is Hawaii in the 1950s?


Ah, beautiful. 


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