It’s about that time..

That’s right, it’s about that time…when my little ole blog seems to be calling out to me. Something cool will happen, a sharable photo comes my way, good eats happen, good theatre is made, a book is read…and I just think, MAN, I should like BLOG about this shtuff. So here goes a complete run down of my life—

Just kidding. Ain’t nobody got time for all dat. Gonna keep it light for this first foray back. I’m currently still at ASF dancing and singing in their Summer Musical (<yes, I must capitalize)– Mary Poppins. It’s been a whole lotta fun, lotta hard work, lots of great and talented people- I mean every single person involved in this show is mindblowingly talented and inspiring. Here’s a just released commercial to get the sense of our show…


Pretty cool, right? The design elements alone are incredible. I’m so very grateful to be a part of this show. Our audiences have been great as well, which is really the best part.

As far as living it up in Montgomery, I’m still cooking my own paleo meals, subsisting on eggs (cooked any which way), kale, chickens and ground beef concoctions, lots and lots of bananas and sweet potatoes, avocados and ghee, cauliflower rice, roasted brussels sprouts, assorted raw snacky veggies (carrot and snap peas), coconut milk and coffee, merlots and malbecs, dark chocolate and almond butter. Oh yes, still lots of almond butter.


Oh yeah, and beef jerky sometimes.


The kettle bell slinging is still going strong, though here at the limited ymca’s, it’s more dumbbell slinging. Recently I’ve been trying to get in more shorter, conditioning type sessions as opposed to strength training. I’ve been finding that I feel better getting out short bursts of activity, going faster with less rest time. My thinking is it also helps with my stamina having to sing while dancing and jumping on platforms and throwing brooms around, 8 shows a week.

Broom graveyard. Taking a ten from Step In Time rehearsal.

Broom graveyard. Taking a ten from Step In Time rehearsal.


Just realized I’m giving the aforementioned “run down.” But there some pictures, so yay! (?) !

Went kayaking on the Wetumpka river on our Day Off this past Monday. It took 2 1/2 hours and we went through quite a few rough rapid patches (dude, there were legit water falls and whirlpools! I felt like Pocahontas.) I managed to stay in the boat the whole time until the LAST rapid patch. Tipped over, almost died, lost my hat and sunglasses. BUT, my friend Jacob saved my shoes, my paddle, and got me back in the boat (my hero!). So all in all, a pretty freakin awesome experience.

Kayak, conquered.

Kayak, conquered.

Have to sign off to commence our second show of the day. I’ll leave you with Mr. Reggie…the banker..and then some geese. Until next time!


Living their lives.

Living their lives.

Much care, CK



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