Last day in August..

Writing this from my little old room in Pasadena, Baltimore, Maryland- after spending the last few days going through all my stuff, like ALL, from all the way back in High School- science fair medals, letters from classmates, year books, playbills, BOOKS books books, and then packing up all my apartment stuff to move back to NYC this week, after all DAT, my mom and I celebrated with a bottle of chardonnay, a lot of cheese, and chocolate. And now, some catching up on True Blood. Oh, Eric.

This coming week is going to prove crazy- picking up headshots, auditions, coachings, back to work at cap, moving into a new apartment, and oh yeah, dropping off my application for EQUITY! lakksdjflasjdf.

Being home for a couple weeks has been such a blessing. I am sad to say goodbye to my family, but September is upon us, and with it tons of auditions, a new school year at Cap, cooler weather, and pumpkin flavored things. Bring it onnnnnnn.


Mom and Dad at the Annapolis Art Walk

Mom and Dad at the Annapolis Art Walk. 🙂


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