Back in town

It’s been a crazy EASY city readjustment period, It felt like a little “plop!”- dropped right back into this ocean. With my Equity Card, I’ve been barreling through as many EPA/ECC situations that I can (and that I’m Right For, note). I must say, walking right into the Equity building is quite a revelation. Getting Seen. Is so. Much. EASIER. AHHHHH.

Now, it’s also a matter that I must kick ass at every audition I go on- which is challenging when you’ve spent close to a year joyfully NOT auditioning, working my rehearsal and performance muscles every DAY, yo. I learned how to operate in a rehearsal room, handle legit tech, work with theatre people from ALL sides of theatre (props, costumes, lights, soundz, scene shop, painters, i.e. all gods and goddesses). I am SO effing ready to rehearsal my next show. My rehearsal gears are OILED. I. am. REady.

Oh wait. That’s right. Auditioning.

Basically, I’ve been doing my Audition Squats, if you will. Or perhaps, Audition Deadlifts. Before I left, I was owning my auditions. I felt in control for every one. My book was solid, my dialogue with the accompanist was perfect, my pre-room ritual was working, my technique was dependable. So now, I am transforming back into an audition Ninja. and THEN… THE WORLD.

Okay, I have to admit something… I’ve already started listening to Christmas music. The holidays are my absolute, mostest, evereset, favorite time of year. I love the spirit and twinkly lights, and family timez (esp since I wasn’t home last year), the treats, my A Christmas Story shirt. My birthday is a week before Christmas and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When I get married, it will be in December. Holiday parties, pandora Christmas mixes alsdfjalsdf.

Anyway, tonight have off, so now I’m off to roast some brussels sprouts and steam some broccoli and make a pound of ground beef.

I will blog more.



One thought on “Back in town

  1. So good to hear from you–or rather read all about you. And I could listen to Christmas music year round! Will I see you the day after Thanksgiving? I hope I hope… love you xo

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