The Little Things. Like, Letting Yourself Send it Back

I am not afraid to send back food or drink I don’t like. In fact, I am under the particular mindset that consuming anything that is not absolutely amazing is not worth my time (or calories). Now, not that I count calories (I eat when I’m hungry and stop eating when I’m full. Usually.). BUT, the amount of food in a day does matter, and I’m not going to waste that amount on food I, frankly, do not like. And I recognize that I am incredibly privileged to be so picky in my life. There are people who have no say in what they eat, IF they eat. I am privileged and incredibly blessed to be able to eat quality food and never be hungry.

That said, I’ve acquired quite a bit of confidence in regard to food, both in cooking it and ordering it at a restaurant (with all the many modifications and off the menu ordering I may dare). Thus, if something isn’t right, I’ll say something and send it back. Down to even the littlest tea or coffee.

In FACT, more often than not, it IS coffee or tea, because that’s the only thing I order out on the regular. For instance: yesterday I ordered a black iced tea from Whole Foods because I just exercised and I needed some place warm to sit while I ate my packed lunch. Something cool and refreshing to drink sounded on POINT. However, when I got the tea and took the first sip, it was GOD AWFUL. I thought maybe it was just bitter from overbrew, so I asked for more ice to dilute. However, STILL TERRIBLE. Then I realized what I was tasting. Bergamot. It was an Earl Grey black tea, as opposed to a regular ol black tea. I vehemently. Dislike. Bergamot. With my soul. I went back to the barista and said, “I think this is an Earl Grey instead of English Breakfast. I must say, I don’t like it at all. Can I get an iced green tea instead?” Without missing a beat, “Sure thing!”

I think some people are hesitant to return food items. But, as a self-identified serial “returner,” and food snob activist, it REALLY ain’t no thing. Because again. Life’s too short for crappy Earl Grey.


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