Night at the Theatre

I have been absolutely killing it with the new Broadway season this year. I remember when I was at NYU freshman year and I felt this constant itch to see shows. I would get up at 5am on the weekends to stand in line with my friends for cheap student rush tickets (that were partial view or in the nosebleeds)- those were the days of Spring Awakening and Next to Normal, and August: Osage County. Everything was so exciting.

And then, as school got more demanding, and then auditions and living life got more demanding, and discretionary income got smaller (thanks in part to a personal spike in purchasing afternoon coffees to finish marathon days), I had gotten incredibly lax about seeing shows. And then, of course, I was away from NYC for close to a year and missed a whole tony season. But THIS year, I made a promise to myself to essential, “get back into theatre.” That sounds a little weird considering that I “do” theatre for a living, but there is a difference. “Doing” theatre is me vocalizing every day to keep my voice ready and in line, auditioning as often as I can, taking voice lessons for technique and coachings for acting, learning new material, making connections with industry, etc. etc. That’s the “job.” And then of course when I’m IN a show, that’s the “work.” The text work, the prep, the memorizing, the rehearsals, the trying of things, making choices, making new choices, etc. etc.

something rotten

Seeing the preview for Something Rotten!

A playbill selection..

A playbill selection..

But “getting back into theatre”? I’d say that involves listening to cast albums, listening to new shows (not as a performer seeing where I could fit in, but as a fan), and most importantly, getting my butt IN a theatre to see some shows. I’m happy to say, through services like TodayTix, LIncTix, Hiptix, Student/Genderal Rush, and Lotteries, I’ve been seeing so much freakin theatre and I love it. and it is JUST the kick in the ass, the fire-in-the-belly inducing, the mind opening and heart hurting (in a good way) experience that an “almost there” young performer needs (“there” being, the big time, yo).

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


Curious Incident

Curious Incident

The Tony’s are June 7th this year, and can’t freakin WAIT, I feel like I have a connection with almost all the shows this season, and I know, this year in particular, from what I’ve seen, read, and heard, has been a pretty kick ass theatre season

sr prod 2

Something Rotten

hand to god 1

Hand to God

Last night, I saw The King and I at Lincoln Center Theatre. It was my first time seeing a show at Lincoln Center. I loved the experience of walking through the Lincoln Center architecture, winding through the crowd all dressed up and fabulous. Lincoln Center is like NYC’s art mecca – it houses the New York City Ballet, the NY Philharmonic, The Julliard School, concert venues, a performing arts library with EVERYTHING, a cinema, the Jazz center a little further down, and of course, the Lincoln Center Theatre.



The show itself was glorious of course. The production value was unbelievable- um, there was a giant ship onstage in the opening….that sailed into the audience. It was genuinely thrilling. But the Eliza/Uncle Tom’s Cabin ballet was the theatrical highlight of the night, and Ruthie Ann Miles as Lady Thiang and Ashley Park as Tuptim both stole the show.

King and I

King and I

Kelli O’hara sounded great, of course. A lot of people have mentioned that they had trouble understanding Ken Watanabe because of his Japanese accent. It definitely was thick, I never had an issue understanding him. He brought great passion and life, and was beautifully expressive, and I really appreciated his performance.

And ughhh, LOOK at those costumes…

.king and i 1

I love musicals.


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