It’s the WEEKEND!

Of course, I identify more with the dowager wondering…”what is a weekEND?”

Actors don’t really get weekends as we typically relegate our day jobs to weekends, so weekDAYS are more free for auditioning.

However, this Sunday and last Sunday, I had completely off, and there is something about having a Sunday off that is super rejuvenating. Sundays just feel like they should be “off days”. Perhaps that’s the Catholic in me. So the past couple weeks, joining the throes of NYC in their Sunday-Fundays has been a little treat.

highline snip

Last week, I did some west side window shopping, grabbed a blue bottle iced coffee (the San Francisco espresso transplant is the best, hands down) and walked the high line, stopping at a corner bench to read (Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly) and help some Europeans find Rockerfeller Center.. as you do.

Tomorrow, I have the daytime free which I’ll prob fill with a run outside (and by “run” I mean sprint/walk/sprint/walk times 10ish), vocalizing, song prep for a few auditions this week, rehearsal prep for my new show (Lily, Casually — check out the website!), a quick Staff Meeting, and dinner at Westville Chelsea with a great friend of mine, Mer (who is moving to New Orleans this fall!!).
What are you up Sunday-Funday?

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