I always like it when bloggers do a “What I’m Lovin'” post… Thus…..

What I’m Lovin’ this week! Check it!


So, this is the third book in Lev Grossman’s Magician Trilogy. I hate when people summarize plots, so I’m not gonna. Just know, its a fantasy novel that is hilarious and quite thrilling. The first book is called The Magicians: Warning: in book one the ennui overfloweth. Proceed if you can handle mega doses of teenage angst.

The Mystery Show

Podcasts! I love my podcasts! At Trader JOES, walking aROUND, cooking, cleaning, folding, yoga, foam rolling, exercise,  its always on PODCASTS. This one is the latest in my line up. Hosted by This American Life broadcaster, Starlee Kine, each episode takes a case which can’t be solved by a simple Google search, and, basically, attempts to solve it. Straight forward premise, but Starlee is so hilarious and personable and she’s uniquely adept at unveiling these truly beautiful moments of connection with all the strangers she encounters while cracking each case.

I recommend starting with Case #2: Britney.



Say whaaaa? That’s right. I can’t get enough of SCOBY, aka Kombucha. So much so, that I bought my own. An alien to call my own!! I’m gonna ferment that sucker in some PG Tips for a couple weeks and reap the nectar. In case none of that made any sense, I’ll break it down: I decided to home brew my own Kombucha because it’s dang expensive to buy in the deli and apparently its easier than you think, and like, I won first place at the County Science fair in middle school so I can do this, right!?

Get your own SCOBY HERE. Learn more about ‘booch HERE.

and finally…


I mean, free books! And actual books you can cart around and cuddle and show off to your cell phone-laden train brethren! Now that I’ve relinquished Magician Land to the stacks, I’m currently borrowing Girl on the Train and I’m gonna abuse that renew button like a boss. (side note, the NYPL podcast is awesome).

 What are you Lovin’ this week?

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