End of a Short and Mighty Month

Well, February went by in a bit a blur, didn’t it??!

This month was packed with EPAs and ECCs. I made it to 17 in total. Plus a baby trip to Baltimore, MD to audish for Folger Theatre and visit family, three visits to the Broadway (Fun Home, School of Rock, and Hamilton ahhh!), two bouts of sickness, and of course a lot of shifts at CAP21, with some classes and exercise in between.


My early morning EPA sign up uniform.

It’s all been lovely and busy and March is shaping up to be much the same. Plus, I got GREAT news the other day that a great friend of mine, Katie Hill, just booked Nerds on Broadway. This is her Broadway debut and I couldn’t be more thrilled for this phenomenal woman. Check out her website!

The EPA circuit has been very extreme this month. The morning of the Cats Bway Dancer ECC was insane at Pearl Studios. I was there for another call, but it still took me forever to get inside the building to the 12th floor. There was a line to get INTO the building, wrapped around the sidewalk. And then inside the lobby, well……


Bless us.

BUT, then you have really chill experiences, like the holding room on a Saturday morning for Finger Lakes. I hit it up before a morning work shift, and it was chill as chill as can be. Really lovely to have a seat..


I was really glad to get in some theatre viewing this month. The bf got us tickets to Hamilton for my bday and Fun Home for xmas. And for our Hamilton prep, aside from listening to the soundtrack on a loop, we visited the Hamilton Grange, Alexander’s uptown home. And I live right around the corner! So cool.

ham house

Wish they still made houses like that in NYC..

ham stage

The view from our seat! 

When Lin came out to deliver his first line, “Alexander Hamilton,” the crowd eRUPTED. It was awesome. Every single person in that cast was a star. The score was thrilling. And I had to control myself from openly sobbing at the end.

For School of Rock, I just went to the theatre a couple hours before curtain and bought a cheap standing room ticket. Standing in the back is actually one of the best viewpoints in the house, in my opinion. You can see everything perfectly, AND as soon as ACT 1 finishes, you are first in line for the bathroom. Win!



CAP21 alum Alex Brightman played Dewy, and he. is. a. STAR. Sierra Boggess was out when I went (she was doing the Secret Garden concert that week), but her u/s was fantastic and had a killer rock and legit voice. And those KIDS. Sir Andrew Loyd Weber’s voice came on for the pre-show asking us to turn off our cell phones and also to tell us that the kids all played their own instruments. I was blown away. They were phenomenal!

Every time I see a show I’m reminded of why we do this, and the importance of braving all those EPAs! Standing in the back for School of Rock, I had a great view of the audience, that was filled with children, a lot of them probably seeing their first piece of live theatre ever. It was just magical. And everyone in that audience had the best time. They will always remember that day. During intermission I was able to sit in an usher chair and really look all around that Broadway house, taking stock of every piece of art and chandelier and curtain… The beauty floored me and made me just excited as ever to be an actor. We work in magical places and create experiences audiences will never forget. Theatre is awesome, my friends.





One thought on “End of a Short and Mighty Month

  1. Can your bf get me tickets to Hamilton for my bday? Awesome month Christina! Hope March is even more exciting and productive. If not for the blizzard I would have actually gotten to see you guys. xo

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