It’s the WEEKEND!

Of course, I identify more with the dowager wondering…”what is a weekEND?”

Actors don’t really get weekends as we typically relegate our day jobs to weekends, so weekDAYS are more free for auditioning.

However, this Sunday and last Sunday, I had completely off, and there is something about having a Sunday off that is super rejuvenating. Sundays just feel like they should be “off days”. Perhaps that’s the Catholic in me. So the past couple weeks, joining the throes of NYC in their Sunday-Fundays has been a little treat.

highline snip

Last week, I did some west side window shopping, grabbed a blue bottle iced coffee (the San Francisco espresso transplant is the best, hands down) and walked the high line, stopping at a corner bench to read (Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly) and help some Europeans find Rockerfeller Center.. as you do.

Tomorrow, I have the daytime free which I’ll prob fill with a run outside (and by “run” I mean sprint/walk/sprint/walk times 10ish), vocalizing, song prep for a few auditions this week, rehearsal prep for my new show (Lily, Casually — check out the website!), a quick Staff Meeting, and dinner at Westville Chelsea with a great friend of mine, Mer (who is moving to New Orleans this fall!!).
What are you up Sunday-Funday?


Night at the Theatre

I have been absolutely killing it with the new Broadway season this year. I remember when I was at NYU freshman year and I felt this constant itch to see shows. I would get up at 5am on the weekends to stand in line with my friends for cheap student rush tickets (that were partial view or in the nosebleeds)- those were the days of Spring Awakening and Next to Normal, and August: Osage County. Everything was so exciting.

And then, as school got more demanding, and then auditions and living life got more demanding, and discretionary income got smaller (thanks in part to a personal spike in purchasing afternoon coffees to finish marathon days), I had gotten incredibly lax about seeing shows. And then, of course, I was away from NYC for close to a year and missed a whole tony season. But THIS year, I made a promise to myself to essential, “get back into theatre.” That sounds a little weird considering that I “do” theatre for a living, but there is a difference. “Doing” theatre is me vocalizing every day to keep my voice ready and in line, auditioning as often as I can, taking voice lessons for technique and coachings for acting, learning new material, making connections with industry, etc. etc. That’s the “job.” And then of course when I’m IN a show, that’s the “work.” The text work, the prep, the memorizing, the rehearsals, the trying of things, making choices, making new choices, etc. etc.

something rotten

Seeing the preview for Something Rotten!

A playbill selection..

A playbill selection..

But “getting back into theatre”? I’d say that involves listening to cast albums, listening to new shows (not as a performer seeing where I could fit in, but as a fan), and most importantly, getting my butt IN a theatre to see some shows. I’m happy to say, through services like TodayTix, LIncTix, Hiptix, Student/Genderal Rush, and Lotteries, I’ve been seeing so much freakin theatre and I love it. and it is JUST the kick in the ass, the fire-in-the-belly inducing, the mind opening and heart hurting (in a good way) experience that an “almost there” young performer needs (“there” being, the big time, yo).

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


Curious Incident

Curious Incident

The Tony’s are June 7th this year, and can’t freakin WAIT, I feel like I have a connection with almost all the shows this season, and I know, this year in particular, from what I’ve seen, read, and heard, has been a pretty kick ass theatre season

sr prod 2

Something Rotten

hand to god 1

Hand to God

Last night, I saw The King and I at Lincoln Center Theatre. It was my first time seeing a show at Lincoln Center. I loved the experience of walking through the Lincoln Center architecture, winding through the crowd all dressed up and fabulous. Lincoln Center is like NYC’s art mecca – it houses the New York City Ballet, the NY Philharmonic, The Julliard School, concert venues, a performing arts library with EVERYTHING, a cinema, the Jazz center a little further down, and of course, the Lincoln Center Theatre.



The show itself was glorious of course. The production value was unbelievable- um, there was a giant ship onstage in the opening….that sailed into the audience. It was genuinely thrilling. But the Eliza/Uncle Tom’s Cabin ballet was the theatrical highlight of the night, and Ruthie Ann Miles as Lady Thiang and Ashley Park as Tuptim both stole the show.

King and I

King and I

Kelli O’hara sounded great, of course. A lot of people have mentioned that they had trouble understanding Ken Watanabe because of his Japanese accent. It definitely was thick, I never had an issue understanding him. He brought great passion and life, and was beautifully expressive, and I really appreciated his performance.

And ughhh, LOOK at those costumes…

.king and i 1

I love musicals.

A Love Letter to FAT

As I sit at work contemplating lunch, I reminisce about my lovely, paleo, 7am breakfast this morning, where I greeted Daylight Savings Time with a pastured three egg omelet (with all the yolks), stuffed with Kale, prosciutto, avocado, and Herb de Provence (–>one of my fave seasoning blends). I also enjoyed two cups of french pressed coffee with a couple scoops of full fat coconut milk.

So that’s quite a bit of fat: 3 egg yolks, coconut milk, avocado.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, yo. ((pssst, the real culprit is SUGAR).

I’m all ABOUT eating high quality fats throughout the day, using FATS as energy, as opposed to eating unnecessary grains/refined sugar as fuel. I cook with fats to unlock real-food’s most beautiful, delicious flavor.

coco milk

My preferred coffee “creamer”

Oh, let me tell you what else fat does:

-Promote brain clarity through the day (aka: no more brain fog)

-Help prevent alzheimer’s/mind degenerative diseases

-Promote joint health (knees hurt? hips hurt? Eat an avocado every day. Do that for a month. Report back.)

-Makes food taste awesome and makes you feel SATISFIED after a meal, aka you feel FULL and don’t overeat

-Eating fat turns you into a FAT BURNER (as opposed to a “sugar burner”)

Okay, so what ARE the types of fat I believe in eating?




-Full-Fat coconut milk from a can (check the ingredients to make sure it’s clean. My preferred is the Whole Foods brand, which is actually quite affordable.)


Raw Nuts/Seeds


Nut/Seed Butter (no additives. Some companies sneak sugar in these guys (seriously, WHY?!) (my favorite is actually the Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted.


Bacon (real bacon. NOT Turkey (fake) bacon. Some brands I trust: 365, Applegate)


Egg yolks (probably the most nutrient dense foods you can eat)


Ghee (my PREFERRED cooking fat. Roasted dem brussels sprouts all up in dat sh**T)


Coconut oil (great frying/roasting oil)


Chicken skin (fried in ghee or coconut oil, and seasoned with celtic sea salt. um, asdlfjasllaskdjflasjd!)


Duck Fat (Roast a duck. Seriously, you have not LIVED until you’ve had a roasted duck. Save the excess fat (IF it hasn’t already been eaten, because it’s okay if it has), and then roast potatoes in the fat. You won’t know what to DO with all that deliciousness).


Grassfed butter (I don’t really cook with butter, but I’ll put a pat or two of butter on top of steamed broccoli or baked sweet potato or roasted squash. Then sprinkle sea salt on top). Kerrygold is the absolute best.


Olives (whole olives or olive oil to drizzle on salads)

Just on a personal note: I’ve been eating this way for over a year. And I’ve LOST weight. And have more energy and strength. As a constant NYC road warrior, living a large chunk of my day with a backpack and other bulky accouterment on my person, fats are especially ESSENTIAL to sustaining energy throughout the day, keeping the joints lubricated as I hop up and down stairs, and keeping mental clarity up as I bounce from an audition, to exercise, to work, to rehearsal— all where I have to be my BEST.


And it’s just…life is too short for bland.

5 Tips for Packing a Badass Paleo Lunch

As a real food practitioner and broke actress, I pack my food every single day when I go out. It’s become a daily habit. In fact, I think I’m completely incapable of leaving my house without packing SOMETHING, even if I know I’m going out with friends.

dining out

Bangin out my condiments at lunch with a friend


So, as an expert packer, I bring you some tips in case you need some motivation to pack your own food bag.

1. Do it the night before.


For real. If you leave it to the last minute, you will run out of time. Plus, if you haphazardly throw together something, it ain’t gonna be good. And ya not gonna want to eat it. Before bed, put together your fabulous meal so you can grab and go in the morning, hassle free.

lunch on go

Lunch on go on Greyhound travel day. Fish, guac, and vege.

2. Spend a couple hours each week doing a “meal prep.”

I know it’s daunting, and none us have the time to cook. But.


If it’s important to you, you MAKE the time. I used to tout the “I don’t have time to cook” mindset. I would be gone from my apartment ALL day, from sunrise (sometimes leaving at 4:30am or 5am) to go to an open call, then the gym, then work, then home, rolling in at 11:30 or 12p). I KNOW. New Yorkers lead a crazy life. New York ACTORS live an insane life.


….but. WHEN you prioritize home/cooking time, life gets so much easier. So much HEALTHIER. So much more badass. And let me tell you from experience; when you break out your delicious, beautiful packed lunch, wherever you are, people will come up to you and drool and compliment you on how amazing you are and be super jelz. Just a lil added perk.

meal prep

Organizing the prep for optimal grab and go potential


Also, did I mention, packed lunches are cheaper? Yeah, no more spending money on $12 salads, cause you got your #BAS (Big Ass Salad, thanks Jillfit), for half that.


ANYWAY, all that to say, prioritize at least ONE NIGHT a week or ONE AFTERNOON or ONE LEISURE MORNING, to prep your proteins and your plants. Here’s what you can do in a dedicated evening:



-Boil a dozen eggs

-Roast a chicken, and/or bake some fish, and/or fry some chicken

-Put some chilli in a slow cooker or saute some ground beef with your favorite spices.

-Bonus: have some high quality deli meat on hand (I like Applegate Deli); some tuna/salmon cans- Trader Joes FTW; and/or good quality, soy-free jerky



-Cut up raw veggies like carrot, cucumber, bell pepper.

-Roast a big batch of Sweet potato, brussels sprouts, squash, carrots, or broccoli (any root vegetable you want)

-Make a batch of caulirice or caulimash

-Then of course, have your bananas and apples



-Have a shton of avocados on hand

-Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar on stuff (that’s what I do, but making salad dressings are easy. It’s also getting easier and easier to buy clean salad dressings. Try PaleoChef.)

-Almond Butter for dipping

-Olives to throw on top of raw veggies (telling you, fill a mason jar with yellow bell pepper + cucumber + olives + a pinch of salt/pepper. Divine.)

-Tahini (miss hummus if your paleo? mix equal parts tahini, water, and lemon juice, season with salt, pepper, and garlic/paprika and your golden. Dip cucumber, carrot and/or smear on some applegate turkey.)


roast up

Roasting is seriously my favorite hobby

3. Pack something you are looking forward to eating

plantain pack

The thought of plantains get me through a day

Guys, real, whole food is delicious. Trust me. But you don’t have to have eat bland, dry chicken breast over leafy, undressed rabbit food, with a side of steamed broccoli (though, personally, I do love simple steamed broccoli). But really! If it ain’t your thing, find the food (REAL food), you love. And cook with fats and spices. If you look in my spice cabinet, it is over FLOWING. Ask my roommates. I have a TON, and they’re easy to grab. I love making spice blends or just simply using salt (big salt fan here. And the best thing is when you cut out factory foods, which has so much bad-for-you sodium, you now get to add salt to everything, no issue. Just make sure it’s not table salt (which has sugars). I like Celtic Sea Salt for all the time use. I also use different salt blends, to cook with or finish with. Check out the recipe for my absolute FAVORITE salt blend, called Magic Mushroom Powder).


Bottom line. Spices + Fat = Flavor. Do not be afraid.

4. Make the actual packaging user friendly AND a pleasure to eat from.

I have two little glass containers that are such a JOY to eat from. They’re pretty and if I need to nuke them, I can no problem. What I do is- put a couple little freezer packs in plastic bag and throw in the bottom of my backpack. Wrap my containers in a dish cloth (Ikea in case you’re wondering), throw them in a bag and shove in the bottom of my pack on top of the freezer pack. Donzo.

If my bag is full with audition/gym stuff, I’ll break out my Trader Joes lunch box. And carry it around like a boss.

Check out:

Lunch Bots

Glassware Containers

5. Bonus: How to be a coffee and tea road warrior

If you’re dairy free, pack your dairy alternative creamer (in my case, full fat coconut milk) in a little container and/or a baggie of tea bags (Starbucks will usually let you have hot water for free). HOWEVER, if you buy coffee while out and about in NYC, go to Joe’s Coffee or Culture. They use the absolute BEST almond milk (Callifia Farms. So. Good.) you can buy. It’s as clean as you can go without making your own. And their espresso is out of this world. And their baristas are actually pros and know how to steam/foam non-dairy milk. Which is a skill, let me tell YOU.


Tea for everyone!

Finally, check out these goddesses below for some expert lunch packing advice…

Michelle Tam, at Nom Nom Paleo, talking packing a lunch like a boss.


Melissa Joulwan, from Clothes Make the Girl, details how she does her weekly cook up.

That’s it! Any more tips? Share below!

Now pack and prosper…

The Little Things. Like, Letting Yourself Send it Back

I am not afraid to send back food or drink I don’t like. In fact, I am under the particular mindset that consuming anything that is not absolutely amazing is not worth my time (or calories). Now, not that I count calories (I eat when I’m hungry and stop eating when I’m full. Usually.). BUT, the amount of food in a day does matter, and I’m not going to waste that amount on food I, frankly, do not like. And I recognize that I am incredibly privileged to be so picky in my life. There are people who have no say in what they eat, IF they eat. I am privileged and incredibly blessed to be able to eat quality food and never be hungry.

That said, I’ve acquired quite a bit of confidence in regard to food, both in cooking it and ordering it at a restaurant (with all the many modifications and off the menu ordering I may dare). Thus, if something isn’t right, I’ll say something and send it back. Down to even the littlest tea or coffee.

In FACT, more often than not, it IS coffee or tea, because that’s the only thing I order out on the regular. For instance: yesterday I ordered a black iced tea from Whole Foods because I just exercised and I needed some place warm to sit while I ate my packed lunch. Something cool and refreshing to drink sounded on POINT. However, when I got the tea and took the first sip, it was GOD AWFUL. I thought maybe it was just bitter from overbrew, so I asked for more ice to dilute. However, STILL TERRIBLE. Then I realized what I was tasting. Bergamot. It was an Earl Grey black tea, as opposed to a regular ol black tea. I vehemently. Dislike. Bergamot. With my soul. I went back to the barista and said, “I think this is an Earl Grey instead of English Breakfast. I must say, I don’t like it at all. Can I get an iced green tea instead?” Without missing a beat, “Sure thing!”

I think some people are hesitant to return food items. But, as a self-identified serial “returner,” and food snob activist, it REALLY ain’t no thing. Because again. Life’s too short for crappy Earl Grey.

Behind the desk

Starting off 2015 has included a cavalcade of Equity Auditions, a shton of coffee, a lot of slinging weights, a lot a lot a LOT of eating bananas and almond butter and chocolate and WINE, a good dose of sprinting for sprints sake (have YOU ever ran as fast as you can go for 30 seconds, walked it off, and then sprinted again until your pooped? It is thrilling and I highly recommend it.), singing and learning music, and reading and netflix. Oh yeah, and working the day job, which is where I am right at this moment. CAP21’s front desk, directing people to the bathroom and the like. January has just been a non-stop show. February looks like the same deal. But,I believe to my bones that the “busiest people get the most done,” and 2015 is about gettin er done.

SO, with the above (and the upcoming), packing the meals is PARAMOUNT. I can’t not leave the house without packing SOMETHING. For instance, I spend a couple hours a week prepping a bunch a protein- this past week it was two pounds of chilli and a bunch of hard boiled eggs, and canned tuna. On the carb front, I roasted four sweet potatoes, made a pot of cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash, and munched on raw plants such as the aforementioned bananas, a couple apples, sugar snap peas, and carrots. FATS this past week have included a few baby avocados, a lot a lot a LOT of almond butter, bacon, and ghee and more ghee.

This weeks plan includes fried chicken, broiled salmon, HB eggs, baked kabocha squash, probs broccoli and roasted brussels, and, you guessed it, a ton of banana and almond butter. And wine. Just living this 90/10 paleo life.

After work today, I’m leaving on a greyhound to Baltimore. Have an audition in D.C. tomorrow. Then a rehearsal for my Cabaret in MD Tuesday morning, and THEN traveling back to NYC Tuesday. Phew! Also, um, I heard about this EPIC SNOWSTORM OF THE CENTURY HAPPENING??!

Oh, dear. Wish me luck on my travels!!!!!

The Holidays approach. AKA, best time eveh.

Currently spending my Friday night working at CAP21 Studios and it’s the CHILLEST this evening. I’m thankful for the down time to sip my tea, cozy up with my humongous scarf, read the latest nymag, read this Serial subReddit, do this blog post, print tons of sheet music for a soon to be announced venture, eat some gyro meat in peace, you know, just like, live it up.

Since my last post where I discussed the urge to turn back into an Audition Ninja, I’ve made the vow to practice my singing thing #everydamnday for at least an hour. Like scheduled studio time every day, non-negotiable. Let me tell you, it has done wonders and it’s only been a weekish. Not that I’ve never practiced before- I’ve always practiced, but I just spent about a year doing a shton of Shakespeare and other straight acting ventures (…and also puppetry…rollerskating) and, remember, not auditioning (because I was on a contract. The most WONDERFUL thing an actor gets to say). So though I did vocalize often while at ASF, I was away from my teacher AND not singing CONSTANTLY, like I used to, #everydamnday. Singing is like annnnnny other muscle. If you don’t work it, you lose it. And now I’m working it, and crushing it, if I do say. In FACT, (mini-epiphany), I have, dare I say, rediscovered my joy for singing during my #hours. That simple joy of just singing songs you love. Singing along to your favorite Broadway Cast Album of the moment (Bridges of Madison County, in case you were curious). My hours have sort of transported me back to my childhood where I use to spent all my time after dinner, holed up in my room, belting my guts out with Jewel, and Lea Salonga, and Idina Menzel, and Kristin Chenoweth, and Sarah Brightmon, and Audra McDonald, and dancing to Rent and acting through the entirety of Les Mis… I read Julie Andrews’ memoir a while back, and it really struck me when she described that, growing up and taking voice classes, #everydamnnight, she sat at the piano and practiced her vocal scales. #everydamnday. I also read that Lady Gaga vocalized 15 minutes, errr day. EVERY. DAY. Leading to Ten Thousand Hours. Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell.

Okay, LET’S FACE IT PEOPLE. Currently, we’re all just counting down the days until Thanksgiving where we have the glorious excuse to chomp down on some Turkey, and sweet and tangy Cranberry sauce, and cookies, and just laksdjflksjdlfasdf goodness. I’ve been on a strict Whole30 leading up to the big day, which basically means for 30 days, I’ve kept a very strict paleo diet, having absolutely no alcohol, or chocolate, or gum or cheese, which were always my little indulgences. I’ve been calling it my Wine Sabbatical, and it’s actually been amazing. SO, next week while I’m home, I am fully prepared to, mindfully, return from my sabbatical, and drink all the wine to my face with my family.

Wanna see what I’m making for Thanksgiving??

^^Velvety Butternut Squash, from The Clothes Make the Girl.

^^Cranberry Sauce, from Fed + Fit

^^Bacon Kale, from Nom Nom Paleo

^^Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Against all Grain

((Side note: the above are all my most favoritest, trusted, paleo food bloggers. These ladies are amazing))

I will also be making my own version of:

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Shaved Parmesan


Roasted Thyme Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Momma King is covering the Turkey, the Stuffing, and Mashed Potatoes.

All the food. In my face.

Okay, must get back to my tea and obsessing over Serial..

Back in town

It’s been a crazy EASY city readjustment period, It felt like a little “plop!”- dropped right back into this ocean. With my Equity Card, I’ve been barreling through as many EPA/ECC situations that I can (and that I’m Right For, note). I must say, walking right into the Equity building is quite a revelation. Getting Seen. Is so. Much. EASIER. AHHHHH.

Now, it’s also a matter that I must kick ass at every audition I go on- which is challenging when you’ve spent close to a year joyfully NOT auditioning, working my rehearsal and performance muscles every DAY, yo. I learned how to operate in a rehearsal room, handle legit tech, work with theatre people from ALL sides of theatre (props, costumes, lights, soundz, scene shop, painters, i.e. all gods and goddesses). I am SO effing ready to rehearsal my next show. My rehearsal gears are OILED. I. am. REady.

Oh wait. That’s right. Auditioning.

Basically, I’ve been doing my Audition Squats, if you will. Or perhaps, Audition Deadlifts. Before I left, I was owning my auditions. I felt in control for every one. My book was solid, my dialogue with the accompanist was perfect, my pre-room ritual was working, my technique was dependable. So now, I am transforming back into an audition Ninja. and THEN… THE WORLD.

Okay, I have to admit something… I’ve already started listening to Christmas music. The holidays are my absolute, mostest, evereset, favorite time of year. I love the spirit and twinkly lights, and family timez (esp since I wasn’t home last year), the treats, my A Christmas Story shirt. My birthday is a week before Christmas and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When I get married, it will be in December. Holiday parties, pandora Christmas mixes alsdfjalsdf.

Anyway, tonight have off, so now I’m off to roast some brussels sprouts and steam some broccoli and make a pound of ground beef.

I will blog more.


Last day in August..

Writing this from my little old room in Pasadena, Baltimore, Maryland- after spending the last few days going through all my stuff, like ALL, from all the way back in High School- science fair medals, letters from classmates, year books, playbills, BOOKS books books, and then packing up all my apartment stuff to move back to NYC this week, after all DAT, my mom and I celebrated with a bottle of chardonnay, a lot of cheese, and chocolate. And now, some catching up on True Blood. Oh, Eric.

This coming week is going to prove crazy- picking up headshots, auditions, coachings, back to work at cap, moving into a new apartment, and oh yeah, dropping off my application for EQUITY! lakksdjflasjdf.

Being home for a couple weeks has been such a blessing. I am sad to say goodbye to my family, but September is upon us, and with it tons of auditions, a new school year at Cap, cooler weather, and pumpkin flavored things. Bring it onnnnnnn.


Mom and Dad at the Annapolis Art Walk

Mom and Dad at the Annapolis Art Walk. 🙂

It’s about that time..

That’s right, it’s about that time…when my little ole blog seems to be calling out to me. Something cool will happen, a sharable photo comes my way, good eats happen, good theatre is made, a book is read…and I just think, MAN, I should like BLOG about this shtuff. So here goes a complete run down of my life—

Just kidding. Ain’t nobody got time for all dat. Gonna keep it light for this first foray back. I’m currently still at ASF dancing and singing in their Summer Musical (<yes, I must capitalize)– Mary Poppins. It’s been a whole lotta fun, lotta hard work, lots of great and talented people- I mean every single person involved in this show is mindblowingly talented and inspiring. Here’s a just released commercial to get the sense of our show…


Pretty cool, right? The design elements alone are incredible. I’m so very grateful to be a part of this show. Our audiences have been great as well, which is really the best part.

As far as living it up in Montgomery, I’m still cooking my own paleo meals, subsisting on eggs (cooked any which way), kale, chickens and ground beef concoctions, lots and lots of bananas and sweet potatoes, avocados and ghee, cauliflower rice, roasted brussels sprouts, assorted raw snacky veggies (carrot and snap peas), coconut milk and coffee, merlots and malbecs, dark chocolate and almond butter. Oh yes, still lots of almond butter.


Oh yeah, and beef jerky sometimes.


The kettle bell slinging is still going strong, though here at the limited ymca’s, it’s more dumbbell slinging. Recently I’ve been trying to get in more shorter, conditioning type sessions as opposed to strength training. I’ve been finding that I feel better getting out short bursts of activity, going faster with less rest time. My thinking is it also helps with my stamina having to sing while dancing and jumping on platforms and throwing brooms around, 8 shows a week.

Broom graveyard. Taking a ten from Step In Time rehearsal.

Broom graveyard. Taking a ten from Step In Time rehearsal.


Just realized I’m giving the aforementioned “run down.” But there some pictures, so yay! (?) !

Went kayaking on the Wetumpka river on our Day Off this past Monday. It took 2 1/2 hours and we went through quite a few rough rapid patches (dude, there were legit water falls and whirlpools! I felt like Pocahontas.) I managed to stay in the boat the whole time until the LAST rapid patch. Tipped over, almost died, lost my hat and sunglasses. BUT, my friend Jacob saved my shoes, my paddle, and got me back in the boat (my hero!). So all in all, a pretty freakin awesome experience.

Kayak, conquered.

Kayak, conquered.

Have to sign off to commence our second show of the day. I’ll leave you with Mr. Reggie…the banker..and then some geese. Until next time!


Living their lives.

Living their lives.

Much care, CK