Deep into Sunday Evening..

A no work Sunday means “day off,” but really, is that a real thing in this city?

Well, today was a lovely day off. Slept in til 9a, ample time for Bfast/coffee/and nymag/vulture updates. Then off to YttP for the 12noon 90 min vinyasa (wherein I got the most beautiful, miraculous seated forward fold adjustment from yoga goddess chae chae), then it was a mad dash to Chinatown for my acting class with acting goddess Josie. It was chill class on my end- my scene wasn’t going up, so I just read/talked through my new scene with the class and my partner and then did a bitzy bit of monologue work. But then after class, at this point it being 5pm, I had a little dilemma (side note: I am the most indecisive person I have ever, and will ever meet. Making daily decisions and is daily struggle for me). Anyway, dilemma being…I was tired, hungry and already downtown (i.e. close to Brooklyn where I live), SO, I did NOT want to rush on UPtown to crazy, tourist laden MIDtown and take a Contemporary dance class at BDC that I said I would take, but at that moment seemed like the least thing I wanted to do. Not to mention “spending the money.” But, as one learns from 200 hours of yoga teacher training, the thing you don’t want to do, is the thing you most certainly must do. SO I trekked up to BDC and took my class, WHICH I almost walked straight out of at least 3 honest times because it was one of the hardest dance classes I’ve ever done. I thought, why the heck am I forcing myself to be here?? I’m out of my league, I’m barely getting these steps, and I’m hungry. But I stayed in the room and did the best I could, and there was this switch in the middle of class when the seemingly impossible choreo seemed possible. Not finessed, or perfect, on my part, BUT I got the steps and I was able to work on something. And I left feeling good. So when I got home, and after eating a hardwon dinner of eggs on toast, I watched this cuhRazy intense documentary , called First Position, about young ballet dancers competing in the world’s most prestigious ballet competition, the Youth American Grand Prix. I was blown away by these kids who’s drive, and ambition, and work ethic, and passion were so inspiring. There really is something to hard work and love of the craft.