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snow blog

We had another snow day here in NYC, but luckily nothing too crazy. Just enough to brighten the streets and make everything just a bit quieter and lovely. I spent this snowy afternoon with my bf having the most delicious brunch in BK at The Farm (read: mimosas, bacon and french fries). How are you spending your Friday?

-Next week is Valentines Day! For those staying in, check out Gina’s dinner plan for inspiration.

-I’m watching the Super Bowl for the first time this Sunday. I’m very excited to finally join the club and also have an excuse to make these dates (but with cheese. duh.) and this squash.

-On February 15th, Grammy viewers will get a taste of being in the Room Where it Happens.

-Sarah Koenig is revisiting Serial Season 1 this week. She’s watching Adnan Syed’s hearing in Baltimore and doing daily recaps here.

-Speaking of podcasts, Linda Holmes and crew discuss musicals on t.v. this week. I somehow missed Grease Live. Shameful, I know.

-If the new doc series from Netflix and Michael Pollan is anything like A Chef’s Table, I am alllllllll in.

-I, too, have a love affair with crispy chicken skin.

-In this week’s NYMag, Lisa Miller makes a compassionate case for people with disabilities and their right to have children. Really eye opening stuff.

-My very witty friend Shannon is documenting her Experiments in Happiness on the Huff Post this year and January was her “no alcohol” month. She killed it, even though the universe conspired against her.

Enjoy the weekend, my friends!





Good people, good places


That, friends, is officially my old neighborhood. During that manic day when I was packing like crazy, I needed an escape from my hurricane of a room, so I took a run on my favorite route around the Central Park Reservoir. It gives you GORgeous views of the city skyline, and especially in the late afternoon light, it was simply a glorious moment. Kept having to stop to take pictures. Now I just have to find a new route in Prospect Park!

Things have continued to be busy, surprise surprise. But I am so thankful to have been able to dedicate needed hang out time with friends. Last Sunday was my best friend, Su’s, birthday, and we celebrated at this very friendly and trendy rum bar where they serve you giant bowls of rum, mixed with fruit and other such garnishes. THEN, I got to spend Monday night with another good friend- saw Cabin in the Woods (um, cuhRAzy…), and ventured to Williamsburg to see my friends’ band Dirty Chai play a gig at Spike Hill. The show was incredible. I do have the most talented friends. Like, beyond talented. Watch this clip of them performing their original song, Set me on Fire. Loooove.

Tonight, I am heading to the studio, then off for a drink with some very beautiful yogis. I’ll sign off with a couple pics from last week’s mat cleaning, which wasn’t so much a mat cleaning, as a giant, loving, fun yoga party. ❤



All days end should end with TEA

Well today was FILLED. But not with that very ambitious plan I laid out yesterday.

Morning Pages happened which was good and very needed, but challenging this morning. I think the fact that they were challenging meant they were even more needed.

Afterwards, I skipped down to BK to look at some Lefferts Gardens and Flatbush Gardens places. I’ll have updates on that front hopefully soon….

Needless to say, I finished up around 4p and with no where to really drop my stuff, run in Prospect Park didn’t happen. Instead I went up to DavidsTea (aka the tea shop I work at on the Upper East Side) because One, I wanted to time my commute from BK, Two, I needed to stock up on tea, and Three, most importantly, I wanted to have a nice visit with all those beautiful people who work there.

I determined that it was a 30min train ride, so giving myself 10 min to catch the train, and ten to walk from train stop and clock in, it’s a 50min commute. And THAT is pretty acceptable in my book. (Determined that to Union Square, it’s a 25min ride, so tacking on that 20 ((which I think it overestimating a bit)), it’s 45min to YttP St. Marks. I’ll buy that.)

DavidsTea was beautiful, as always. We got a new tea in called Birthday Cake, which Laura immediately brewed a perfect cup of for me.


It was. Delicious. It smells like cake frosting, tastes velvety and lightly sweet, with sort of a mocha vibe. The base is a Roobois, which is a South African red tea, naturally non-caffeinated, good for your skin, and abnormally hydrating. The blend includes honeybush, sprinkles (yes, sprinkles), and ice cream bits (yes, “bits”).

Looks like this! vv


Picked up some more Pu’erh Ginger tea for myself. I love drinking it before, during, and after a show because it works so well to lubricate and soothe my throat so I don’t get vocally tired. I brew it in my steeper for a minute, add a splash of pineapple juice, steep it 3-4 more minutes, add a drop of honey, pour in my little travel thermos, and enjoyyyy foreverrrrr.


Tonight was ginger tea mug time though, with a little Mad Men and sushi thrown in. Leaving tommorrow with Josh, Ruthie, and Melissa to return to Cohoes for our final weekend. It’s the home stretch! I’m not ready for it to end yet!:(  Must soak it all up.


Traversing in BK


Morning Pages for April 10th: check.

When I got up this morning, I was actually looking forward to them. I hope its a trend I can keep up, especially because I timed it again today, and again, 20 min on the dot. I do like it cause I feel focused and clear headed afterwards. And things come up that I didn’t realize were weighing on my mind: like the fact that I desperately want to see more theatre. I do not see enough of what I have dedicated my life to. Seeing theatre is hard, man. It takes time to stand in line for tickets, and money to buy them. But I absolutely, must, must, see these shows. The Artist’s Way talks about going on artist dates with yourself, and theatre shall be my date.

Spent the day apartment hunting in Brooklyn. The main neighborhood I was thinking was Prospect Heights, but the apartments I looked at actually ended up being Crown Heights, which is next door to Prospect. And tomorrow, I’m seeing a place in Lefferts Gardens, which South of Pro Park. So basically I’m making a Brooklyn triangle. And can I just say, I’m in love the neighborhood names in Brooklyn?


My roommate Jessica lives in New Jersey, so she wasn’t able to stay in the city today to look with me, but luckily my friend Josh who lives in Lefferts Gardens was around to come with. His apartment is seriously beautiful and lovely and the  VIEW from his bedroom…


I’m in love.

After Brooklyn adventures, I had a spout of Hot Yoga, then home for Smash. And guess what didn’t happen today…postcards of my face.

Why is self-promotion so challenging??

It must be something about not wanting to annoy anyone, or step on anyone’s toes, be a nuisance, or just go about it the wrong way, or use too many superlatives in your notes. Or maybe its something a little more deep-rooted, like I’m afraid of how my product will be taken and judged by others. Not saying I align with any or all of these woes, but I DO know that I use a lot of superlatives in my notes. 😉

Keep it streamlined. and Keep the channel open.

Plan for tomorrow: Morning Pages, continue apartment search in BK, run in Prospect Park, trip to DavidsTea and my chocolate cafe for some goodies, yoga??, thank you cards, postcards (!), and the laundry..