New blog and a New Monday

New blog!

Yes, I made the transition to WordPress from Blogger. I wanted something a little cleaner and easier to use, and WordPress just seemed the way to go. I’m gonna stick with it for a while. It is a bit more limiting as I’m using the free version, but for now, I think I like it!

Last night I started reading The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. Catherine (our Norma in Sunset) lent it to me and one of the excerices outlined in it is The Morning Pages. These require you to journal three pages every morning when you wake up- completely stream of consciousness. No judgement. No censor. The idea to get rid of your artist blocks. Keep the channel open, so to speak. I’ve known about this exercise for a while actually, but haven’t brought myself to do it. I don’t know why- maybe its cause I’ve convinced myself I have better things to do in the morning. Lord knows my morning routine is already chock full of tasks.

And then of course, after starting the book last night and telling myself I was gonna do it, I still woke up this morning thinking ahhhh I’ll just do it tomorrow. Looking at three blank pages was more daunting than I would have thought. But I made myself do it and before I knew, three pages were full, and I felt so clear headed after I couldn’t even believe it. It surprised me when I realized it actually had taken me 20min to complete it.

The book calls for doing this every morning as I read the book. The author said she’s been doing it every morning for about ten years now. One women who is a successful screen writer in Hollywood, has been doing it for almost as long, and when she had early work days, would get up at 5am in order to do her morning pages, because she was superstitious about missing them. Hmmmmmm.

So, after doing my morning pages, being unsuccessful in contacting my broker, and then being successFUL in spending much much time on my websites, I went to St. Marks to do some yoga. After the 4:30 I felt so good I just had to stay for the 6, especially because my friend Victoria was teaching and she had just given me savasana love (i.e. a foot massage). After the 6, I went to dinner with my good friend Jen, who is the care taker for the studio (caretaker meaning– takes care of stock, oversees cleaning, keeps track of the number of students in each room to make sure they’re even, as well as other crazy important stuff that YttP would not function without). We went to this lovely place in the East Village called Cafe Orlen. It was really nice to catch up while eating some good ‘ol NYC food after what kind felt like a million years of being away. Afterwards, we had time for a MUD coffee run- which if you don’t know what MUD coffee is, it’s the best coffee in the city in MY opinion, and luckily, its right byYttP.


Goodness, I’ve missed those orange cups.

Off to organize some postcard action so I can send my face to people this week about Sunset. Did that sentence make sense?

Plan for tomorrow: Morning Pages(!), Run in Central Park, send postcards, Spend day looking at apartments in Prospect Heights, take the hot, dinner, watch Smash.

Yes, please to all of the above.