ummmm, three days off in a row???!!

So after jumping back into the Romeo and Juliet tour (more on that later..) and Taming of the Shrew rehearsals this week, the interns find themselves with three days off in a row. What??!!! We’re all actually a bit shell shocked by it, and of course we can’t “go” anywhere because we have to be close to the theatre in case we get called into a Great Gatsby performance. Which iss why we have this extra time– according to Actors Equity rules, Equity peeps have a certain number of  “hours” they can work, and with the Gatsby performances, there aren’t many hours left for the week…. so, yay! Of course, this also feels a bit like the calm before the storm..of Rep season. But nothing will be as crazy as the October RandJ tour, with 3am-5am wake up times, unload/loading that giant balcony, performing this incredibly-intensly emotional show, teaching the students a workshop, driving back, and doing costume laundry for a couple hours at the theatre, with perhaps a Goodnight Moon rehearsal on top…..October was….an accomplishment and whirlwind.

BuT, now we are in February, and tour has begun….and will last three days. YAY! We went out yesterday, at a reasonable time (6:45am) (Monday we go out again…call time- 2:20am. yup.). It was quite trippy to say the least, to all be in the van again, but load out/load in was suuuuper super smooth, we had tons of time. Though, we were missing our backstage drapes and a few screws to hold the balcony together (ha!). Luckily we were only 30min away from the theatre, so one of the shop guys drove up and dropped off what we needed. The actually show went well  (we all kept saying how nice and different the show is now that we all actually KNOW each other), and we got back just in time for Taming of the Shew rehearsal. After rehearsal, while some of us reveled in getting to sleep in today, I spent a quiet evening making dinz, watching Top Chef while drinking tea and snacking on dark chocolate (right now I’m working on a bar of Pascha Organic 70%. So beautiful.) and ending the night with a spot of yoga. Went to bed early and slept for 10 hours. I’m proud of myself :D.

opening ceremony for Olympics tonight! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!



Above was Monday in union square. After a rehearsal at CAP I had time to enjoy lunch in the park. It was the loveliest warm fall day yesterday. Too bad I had the insight to wear my winter coat.

Monday was also Celebrate Michon day! Which I guess is just a CAP21 holiday. But we celebrated it HARD Monday night, as we honored CAP’s and theatre’s living legend Michon Peacock. Don’t know her? Oh, well, here’s a few pics….:




That’s right. That’s Michon dancing with Shirley Maclaine. Nbd.

Michon, is leaving CAP, where she was the conservatory director for I believe 13 years (she was also my adviser!), so Monday night was our chance to celebrate her with videos, stories, performances by faculty and alum, AND Michon did a song and dance number, which was just incredible to experience.

The next day saw an early morning, and two audition day, the first was my theatreworks appt for Click Clack Moo, then I rushed uptown to the Theatre Under the Stars open call- they’re doing Man of la Mancha and Camelot so of COURSE I sang I Could Have Danced all Night. How could I not when Julie Andrews is involved in any capacity. But really, any chance to be Eliza for even 30 seconds, I take it.

Where do you go from there when your two auditions are over by midday? Why you walk from 36th st to Union Square to meet one of your greatest friends, Jacob, for lunch, a biscotti and a cookie, and…..

It was phenomenal  Like really. I loved it. Buuuuut I do have some qualms, like the fact that they dropped two characters together into suuuuuuch an interesting  new and unexpected situation  and it was fun, but not fun enough towards the end. I wanted a little more from the last quarter of the movie. We got a lot, but I wanted more. because I’m very greedy.

Also, Daniel Craig is sexy.

Anyway, after salivating over our modern James Bond, I headed to BK yttp for a vinyasa double, taught by my good friend Scotty, and thennnnnn I taught the 9! Ahhh! Fist time teaching in months. I have to say I was quite nervous, but I couldn’t have been happier, after MONTHS, to say the familiar “child pose, please.” It felt good.


Anyway, I’m counting the days until Thanksgiving. I’m ready for a real vacation, not a pseudo hurricane holiday, but an actual family ridden, good food, old neighborhood type holiday…yummmmmmmm.


Yoga time, tea time, home time

With a couple hours to spare, I’m writing from DavidsTea, doing some administrative-life work while at the same time, tasting some of the straight teas that I still haven’t made my way through. I don’t generally gravitate towards green tea or oolongs, but I do appreciate the flavor and healthiness of them. After sampling the Yun Cui- a Chinese green tea, Korean Sejak- Korean green, and High Mountain Oolong, I topped it off with a Matcha Matsu, which is an incredibly delicious green, stone powdered down, so that you are actually consuming the whole tea leaf, so its super healthy for you, and is delicious iced, baked with, mixed with smoothies. My favorite is iced with Soy and Honey. Yum yum.


Took and taught the yoga today, and looking forward to an evening at home, organizing my room a bit, and getting to bed early. Tomorrow, I’m going to ATTEMPT a 6:30am hot class. I think its possible. The last time I tried I was almooost successful, got myself ready and had a minute to spare, so I sat down for a minute, and dropped my head to the side, and woke up 10 min later. So now I know, just don’t sit down..

Parents are coming in this weekend which I’m stoked about. Gonna be a busy weekend. Hopefully the weather is nice and warm.

Happy Thursday!

Good people, good places


That, friends, is officially my old neighborhood. During that manic day when I was packing like crazy, I needed an escape from my hurricane of a room, so I took a run on my favorite route around the Central Park Reservoir. It gives you GORgeous views of the city skyline, and especially in the late afternoon light, it was simply a glorious moment. Kept having to stop to take pictures. Now I just have to find a new route in Prospect Park!

Things have continued to be busy, surprise surprise. But I am so thankful to have been able to dedicate needed hang out time with friends. Last Sunday was my best friend, Su’s, birthday, and we celebrated at this very friendly and trendy rum bar where they serve you giant bowls of rum, mixed with fruit and other such garnishes. THEN, I got to spend Monday night with another good friend- saw Cabin in the Woods (um, cuhRAzy…), and ventured to Williamsburg to see my friends’ band Dirty Chai play a gig at Spike Hill. The show was incredible. I do have the most talented friends. Like, beyond talented. Watch this clip of them performing their original song, Set me on Fire. Loooove.

Tonight, I am heading to the studio, then off for a drink with some very beautiful yogis. I’ll sign off with a couple pics from last week’s mat cleaning, which wasn’t so much a mat cleaning, as a giant, loving, fun yoga party. ❤




Why is the subject of most of my posts about packing?? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just going to spend my existence as a wandering nomad. Though I haven’t given up my dream of one day retiring to Yorkshire, England and spending the rest of my days with a beagle and a bike..

Anyway, after a morning of teaching and taking the yoga, I’m spending the afternoon working through all my stuff, packing, tossing, cleaning, preparing to officially move. this. Sunday. I’m soooo so glad I started this process two days ago. I would be so overwhelmed if I actually started today.

I honestly don’t think it’s hit me yet that I’m moving out of this room. I’ve spent two solid years here and I loved every minute. I have gotten a bit teary eyed looking around this bare room, and seeing my things, so carefully placed around my space for these two years, now unceremoniously stuffed in boxes. And I’m leaving my two beautiful roommates behind. I still can’t even process that.

Well, I’m putting on my blinders and off to continue making a [hopefully] noticeably larger dent in this packing deal. Wish me luck.

The Sacredness of Space

Another weekend has past, and since last Saturday was my mom’s birthday, how could I not spend it in Baltimore??

Went home Friday night, spent all day with Mom, shopping and nails- the essential birthday activities, had a lovely dinner with the whole family, and topped off the night with two pieces of cake and a couple episodes of House Hunters. Left the next day, and after 4 hours of riding through rain, made it to my East Side Home. A short, but sweet trip.

There’s that skyline, albeit a fuzzy one..

After unpacking a bit, I made it to YttP for our famous Sunday night candlelit class and stayed to help close. I’ve closed the studio quite a few times, with duties that include swiffering and steaming floors, cleaning bathrooms, spray/lay out mats, etc etc, and I have to say, it’s taught me so much about the sacredness of space. How to treat a space with respect and in a sense, thank the space for the home and safety it provides. And you clean the space, not just for yourself because you live and work in it, or for the others who use the space, but because good things happen there, and how we treat our space should honor that.

Same goes for the places we call home, my Baltimore, my NYC, a rehearsal space, the theatre, my tea shop. Places we live, breathe, and work, and where good things happen, and which should be maintained with respect and care.

Now off to take the hot, teach the vinyasa, then finally return to the tea shop!

Yoga to the Tuesday

So in honor of being officially back in the city, I jumped right into my yoga pool, taking and teaching. My first scheduled class actually ended up being a tandem with a teacher trainer, which means someone in the tt program (the thing I did last fall), taught the class, and I was there to observe and jump in to take over the class if needed, and then give notes after class. I actually did pull my tt out, which I was going a little back and forth about while I was watching, but there was that moment when I realized, yes, it’s time to jump in. We had a very good chat afterwards though, and I was inspired by how much my tt cared and wanted this, and it felt good to talk it out with her, get on the same page. Graduation for them is in two weeks!


Had to snap this^ on my way to the St. Marks studio. I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple days at 38th st and the BK studio, but St. Marks will always feel like home.

Today I had couple hours between classes to chill, so spent it in Madison Square Park.


It was a beyond gorgeous day out. I feel lucky to have come home to such a green and pretty New York.

I was worried after coming back that my classes would feel foreign, BUT they were actually feeling quite fresh and organic. Kind like coming back to the show after spending a few days off, new things opened up, an easiness in manner started to establish itself, and confidence was starting to build. I still said certain things kind of weird, and called hands feet once, but bodies were moved and people found their yoga. I do find myself in awe of my students every class- watching people find their chair poses, find their edge, and make the choice to breath into it, and stay in it longer than they thought they could. Or traveling through their one breath, one movement, when I see faces soften and peace start to creep in and settle.Or when I finally get everyone in the room to let out a great, big h-a sigh of relief. I feel continually blessed that I get to call myself a yoga instructor. YttP!



What could the facade of THIS building be? Could it be….my new apartment??

Why, YES, it IS in fact. That’s right, second floor of this baby is the new home of myself and my two new roommates, Josh and Mike.

Pictures of the inside to come…

Back to the Boulevard

We have returned! Went on a beautiful drive today to Cohoes, with Josh, Joshua, and Melissa. And of course, after 20 min in, we needed a rest stop for food  and coffee. We’re actors and we need fuel, man.

Got into town around 3:30, and after a spot of yoga, walked down the hill with Catherine for our brush-up rehearsal, then a nice loooong break, so I could warm up, zone in, and make my potion:

Yes that’s pineapple juice in that blue water bottle. Plus honey, a fresh tea bag of pu’erh ginger tea, and my heavy duty thermos. Just add hot water, and magic happens.

Returning to the show tonight, everything seemed very fresh and new. I think this is the type of show that just grows with every performance. And especially after being away for a few days, I felt more of a playful atmosphere onstage. And this is a play, after all. Looking forward to our next show to see if any of our new choices stick or if anything else new finds itself!

Side note: every Wednesday, before midnight, we have to send in our availability to YttP to teach the following week, and yesterday was the first Wednesday in about a month that I was able to send mine in! Yay! Coming back to city Sunday night, so it shall be time to resume my yoga instructor mantle and mold some downward dogs again.

New blog and a New Monday

New blog!

Yes, I made the transition to WordPress from Blogger. I wanted something a little cleaner and easier to use, and WordPress just seemed the way to go. I’m gonna stick with it for a while. It is a bit more limiting as I’m using the free version, but for now, I think I like it!

Last night I started reading The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. Catherine (our Norma in Sunset) lent it to me and one of the excerices outlined in it is The Morning Pages. These require you to journal three pages every morning when you wake up- completely stream of consciousness. No judgement. No censor. The idea to get rid of your artist blocks. Keep the channel open, so to speak. I’ve known about this exercise for a while actually, but haven’t brought myself to do it. I don’t know why- maybe its cause I’ve convinced myself I have better things to do in the morning. Lord knows my morning routine is already chock full of tasks.

And then of course, after starting the book last night and telling myself I was gonna do it, I still woke up this morning thinking ahhhh I’ll just do it tomorrow. Looking at three blank pages was more daunting than I would have thought. But I made myself do it and before I knew, three pages were full, and I felt so clear headed after I couldn’t even believe it. It surprised me when I realized it actually had taken me 20min to complete it.

The book calls for doing this every morning as I read the book. The author said she’s been doing it every morning for about ten years now. One women who is a successful screen writer in Hollywood, has been doing it for almost as long, and when she had early work days, would get up at 5am in order to do her morning pages, because she was superstitious about missing them. Hmmmmmm.

So, after doing my morning pages, being unsuccessful in contacting my broker, and then being successFUL in spending much much time on my websites, I went to St. Marks to do some yoga. After the 4:30 I felt so good I just had to stay for the 6, especially because my friend Victoria was teaching and she had just given me savasana love (i.e. a foot massage). After the 6, I went to dinner with my good friend Jen, who is the care taker for the studio (caretaker meaning– takes care of stock, oversees cleaning, keeps track of the number of students in each room to make sure they’re even, as well as other crazy important stuff that YttP would not function without). We went to this lovely place in the East Village called Cafe Orlen. It was really nice to catch up while eating some good ‘ol NYC food after what kind felt like a million years of being away. Afterwards, we had time for a MUD coffee run- which if you don’t know what MUD coffee is, it’s the best coffee in the city in MY opinion, and luckily, its right byYttP.


Goodness, I’ve missed those orange cups.

Off to organize some postcard action so I can send my face to people this week about Sunset. Did that sentence make sense?

Plan for tomorrow: Morning Pages(!), Run in Central Park, send postcards, Spend day looking at apartments in Prospect Heights, take the hot, dinner, watch Smash.

Yes, please to all of the above.

Here we are again, again

Day off tomorrow, so once again a group of us trekked back to the city to catch a few auditions. Plan for tomorrow is Gateway open call, voice lesson, perhaps a little shopping:), as much yoga as I can throw in (haven’t taken the hot is too too long), and then close with Episode 3 of Mad Men.

…so basically an exact repeat of last Monday.

We’re getting the orchestra in on Tuesday, which is exciting, but also a bit daunting as we won’t be miked. I haven’t been told to worry about it, so I’m not gonna for now. Just gonna breath deep and “ping” it out.:)

The set looks absolutely gorgeous. I feel humbled to get the chance to perform on it. And I’m in constant awe of the other actors onstage. Particularly our Norma, who is brilliant. We still have two weeks left of show, but I’m already getting depressed about the inevitable closing. Leaving a show is always bitter sweet. Just need to soak up these last few weeks and enjoy each moment.